Director / DoP



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Vanessa Vandy is a director/DP who grew up in New Zealand and Finland. Vanessa’s style lies in her ability to move people, to capture their attention and to evoke an emotion.



One Screen Film Festival 2017 - New Female Director finalist (Farewell - short film)
Bermuda International Film Festival - Official Selection (Farewell - short film)
Auckland International Film Festival - Actor under 18 winner! (Farewell - short film)
Film Shortage - official selection & online premiere (Farewell - short film)

Sailer Research and Development, KLOK Creative Agency, Äiti Creative, Curology, KONE, Kasvuryhmä, Cinemanse, Quattro Folio, Ambronite, Hopping Brewsters, Global Girl Travels, Musiclock, EntoCube, Runfest, Arctic15, Scool