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Breathing Again - Short Film

Breathing Again is a short film about emotional violence. Emotional abuse is often minimised or entirely overlooked as a serious problem. Yet, being in a relationship where this is happening can leave mental scars on the victim more damaging than purely physical or sexual violence. Relationships of this sort may last for many years as perpetrators seek control through ensuring their partner is dependent on them in some way - often financially.

Emotional abuse is not something others can see from the outside—it is measured by the impact it has on the individual’s feelings over a period of time. Those unable to escape are often psychologically trapped from a habit of self-blame and a depleted self-esteem.

Breathing Again aims to inspire public recognition of this neglected issue through reflective discussions on emotional abuse. As a result, it is hoped that more avenues of support will be available for victims to find safe ways out.

The project is currently in post production.


Filming Crew:
Producer / Writer / Director / Cinematographer - Vanessa Vandy
Gaffers - Henri Tondi, Eero Rissanen, Anton Jokikunnas
Best Boy - Robin Mildh
1st ACs - Kirsikka Pehkonen, Ilari Koskinen
Sound - Anton Jokikunnas
1st ADs - Jessica Brescia, Satu Suomi
2nd ADs - Nilza Mafla, Priya Lorenz
BTS - Daiva Juozapaityte, Priya Lorenz, Giulnara Chinakaeva
Catering - La Soupe / Mikael Uhtio

Post production crew:
Editor - Vanessa Vandy

Main Talents
Julia - Alina Tomnikov
Tony - Tommi Vesala
Maria - Sara Ritala
Mikko - Timo Strom
Mom - Mirja Oksanen
Jacob - Petja Aki Kolppo
Peter - Robin Mildh

Kinos Rentals -

Special Thanks:
Ambronite / Mikko Ikola
Tiina-Maija Lehtonen
Jere Korppoo
Richard Johansson / Mari Tikkanen
Nicholas Surreal
Lauri Laukkanen
Matias Boettge
Kasper Sirenius
Alexander Brink
Tiia-Maria Hahtola

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