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Farewell - Short Film

Feelings of grief bubble up when Mikey celebrates his soccer game win without his Mother there with him. Mikey's Father, who knows what's up, has a trick up his sleeve to help Mikey process his mourning. However, the trick works better than expected and leads Mikey's father to question if there is more to it than just pretend.


This short film will premiere on Film Shortage on the 7th of June, 2018!

Awards & recognition:
LA Shorts International Film Festival (Academy Award qualifying) - official selection
Bermuda International Film Festival (Academy Award qualifying) - official selection
One Screen Film Festival 2017 - New female director finalist
Auckland International Film Festival - “Actor under 18 ” winner!
Short + Sweet International Film Festival Auckland - official selection


Filming Crew:
Producer: Bertrand Remaut / Melopy Films
Writer / Director - Vanessa Vandy
Cinematographers - Vanessa Vandy & Jasper Johnston
1st AD - Lola Bernard
Colorist - Matic Prusnik
Sound - Luis Shamir Rodriguez
Key Grip / Gaffer - Bryce Tobin
Best Boy - Marama Galuenga
Music - Ian Post

Finn MacEachern
Francis Mountjoy
Rune Kjelseth

Special Thanks:
Simon Vandy
Prema Cottingham
Rosamund Britton
The Kjelseths
Pia Lehto
Jukka Lehto
Nilza Mafla
Ed Ng
Sophia Seaton


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Farewell Screengrab 16.jpg